The future of education

5 02 2013

The last month has been uncharacteristically crazy. January isn’t usually a busy month in my translation experience, but this one has been mad. I have actually worked every single day, without a day off until Feb 1, and I am now the blocked up carrier of an annoying cold, but how rewarding is it when you get to work on projects that inspire you?!

Sometimes we are given these projects that actually make us realize the value in what we do; because I am able to put something originally written in a different language into my native language, a lot more people are able to have access to that content and some contents are worth spreading.

One such project was a 60,000-word translation for UNESCO from English to Portuguese about open educational resources  (OER) and open courseware (OCW). I must say I am really excited about the possibilities of these concepts. They refer to resources or entire courses made available openly and freely online for anyone who’s interested in learning or using them for teaching purposes. The power of this is evident in Shimon Schoken’s TED talk about self learning 

I believe this is the future of democracy and inclusion and us translators have a role to play in making content available in as many languages as possible to reach as many people as possible.

Having said that, I thought that if we all could find an open educational resource project or open courseware that we are passionate about and perhaps volunteer or try to work with them in some way, we will be doing a huge service to millions of people who’ll gain access to this wealth of resources becoming available online.

The aforementioned UNESCO project was not a  volunteer one, but I have just volunteered to translate TED talks, which are open educational resources.

Translators everywhere! Let’s join the OER movement!