EAP – English and Portuguese is a specialist Brazilian Portuguese <> English translation company based in the UK. We provide translation services to translation agencies and companies in Brazil, in the UK and worldwide.

If you want to learn more about what we do at EAP, our website is at www.englishandportuguese.com.

This blog, however, is not about the company EAP. It is about translation, culture, language learning and other things that I, Karen Sexton, founder of EAP, am passionate about.

I created EAP in 2010, when I moved to the UK because I wanted to be able to translate on my own terms. The translation business is not an easy one. There is a lot of competition, particularly with amateurs, and corporate clients are difficult to reach. Sometimes, the work of a translator can be frustrating, because we struggle to get fair pay for what we do and our efforts to improve and create quality work seem to go unnoticed. However, there are great rewards in this profession and, eventually, we do learn to make money and choose the work that makes us happy. At least that is what I have been doing since 2010 and intend to share through this blog.

This blog is for translators, users of translation services, linguists and language enthusiasts in general. I will discuss translation, specificities of my language pair, computer-assisted translation tools (CATs) and other issues that happen in my day-to-day work at EAP.

I hope reading this blog inpires, informs and encourages whoever reads it, whatever the reason that brings them here.
Happy Reading!



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