Welcome Everyone!

7 01 2012

Welcome everyone! You can read a little bit more about me and my company on the “About” page and several other posts under “My Journey” and “EAP“.

This is just a quick message to help you navigate through this blog. If you are a translator, you might be interested in the section “Translation Tools & Resources“. If you are a Brazilian Portuguese <> English Translator or a Linguist also check out the section “Language Matters“, where I intend to discuss my findings and research on terminology and etc.

If you are not a translator, perhaps the most interesting parts of this blog for you will be “Cultural Affairs” and “Off-topic“.

Regardless of where you go on this blog, I hope it inspires and encourages you whether you are a translator, linguist, language/culture enthusiast, translation client or just a “passer-by”.

Please feel free to send me your comments, feedback, suggestions and etc. I am on a journey to learn too and your feedback is welcome!

Happy Reading!